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Services Rendered on Behalf of Injured Workers

When an individual suffers a work-related injury, our office will obtain benefits for lost time from work, which entitles an individual to temporary total disability benefits.

  • This benefit is paid to an individual while they are recovering from their initial injury.

  • We will obtain all medical reports, office records, and test results and will forward them to the Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC). The BWC will use them to make a determination regarding initial allowances of the claim and payment of these temporary total disability benefits. 

  • We will monitor and obtain authorizations for medical treatment and attend hearings, on the injured worker's behalf, to have treatment authorized and bills paid.

Once an individual recovers from their initial injury, a determination will be made as to whether they can return to their prior job, as well as whether they will need assistance in returning to work. If assistance is required, we will request vocational rehabilitation services, which allows the injured worker to work with a specialist. 

  • Vocational rehabilitation specialists will help the individual return to their prior job or, if they are physically unable to do so, will assist them in finding employment within their capabilities.

While participating in this program, the injured worker will receive lost time benefits titled living maintenance payments

At the end of this vocational rehabilitation program, the injured worker may be unable to return to their prior job, but is able to perform other, less demanding types of work. If, as a result of having to change employment, the injured worker suffers a loss in income, we will obtain living maintenance working wage loss benefits on their behalf.

  • These types of benefits are payable up to a period of 200 weeks.

  • These benefits are similar to the working and non-working wage loss benefits provided, by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, to an individual who does not participate in a vocational rehabilitation plan.

Thereafter, an injured worker is entitled to a permanent partial award 26 weeks after they return to work or enter a vocational rehabilitation program. A permanent partial award pays a benefit to the injured worker for the residual impairments the injured worker has as a result of the work injury.

  • This benefit is afforded to an individual, even if they return to the job they had at the time of injury or a light duty (less physically strenuous) type of job.

  • It is also important to note, this benefit may be increased over time, if the injured worker's condition worsens.

For those individuals who suffer severe injuries, such as amputation or loss of use of a part of the body, there are statutory awards we can obtain on behalf of the injured worker entitled scheduled loss awards

In cases where the injury is so severe that it prevents the injured worker from performing any type of employment, our office will obtain permanent total disability benefits on their behalf. This benefit is paid throughout the injured workers' lifetime. 

In all workers' compensation claims, the claim can be evaluated for a settlement of compensation only or a complete settlement of compensation and medical benefits. If, at any time during the claim, an injured worker is interested in obtaining the value of the settlement of their claim, we will evaluate the relevant information and provide that analysis to the injured worker. 

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