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Address:     5 East Long Street, Columbus, OH 43215

Phone:        (614) 464-2819

Fax:             (614) 722-7452


We are always pleased to assist our clients in any way possible. If you are an injured worker seeking representation, please complete the Consultation Request Form below or contact us directly by e-mail or telephone.


For directions to our office, please utilize the map below. Once you arrive, metered parking may be found along Long Street. If you have any questions, please call us at (614) 464-2819.

Consultation Request Form

If you have been injured

and are interested in our 

assistance, please

complete the Consultation

Request Form (right).

Prospective client's should provide all requested information in completing the Form. Once the Consultation Request is received by our office, we will review the information provided and contact you immediately. 

Thank You! We have received your Consultation Request. Upon processing your Request, our office will contact you.

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